TRADE 7008 - Services Trade & Developing World Labour Markets

North Terrace Campus - Semester 2 - 2014

The course examines the important role trade in services can play in assisting with the economic growth and development of emerging and developing economies. The role of services is divided into three sections: the first looking at those 'backbone' services whose efficient functioning is essential for the emergence of a successful and competitive private sector such as banking, telecommunication and transport services. The course focuses on those areas of traded services where great potential lies for developing countries, including health, education and tourist services but also the development of rural and agricultural services. The third section of the course focuses exclusively on the role of labour markets and the temporary movement of labour between nations. Students will be exposed to the economic and social issues around the treatment of labour mobility in trade agreements and reasons for and against 'guest worker schemes'. The course concludes with an update about the treatment of trade in services in contemporary trade agreements and a discussion of appropriate strategies for developing countries to capture the benefits from trade in services in the future.

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