SURGERY 7053HO - Surgical Science Research and Development II

Teaching Hospitals - Semester 2 - 2014

This course will bring together work from Semester 1 Surgical Science: Research and Development I to enable students to complete a research project on a relevant surgical topic. Students will have hands-on experience completing an individual scientific research project, with the aid of a research mentor. Students will be able to consolidate this experience and knowledge with the preparation of a paper suitable for publication in a peer reviewed journal. The design, implementation and outcomes of the research project will also be presented by the students to a group of peers and colleagues. Students will continue to advance their skills in critically reviewing and evaluating the scientific literature by continuing to attend and participate in Departmental Journal Club and Research meetings. This will also enable students to keep abreast of new technologies/advancements in the field of surgery and promote the importance of lifelong learning and continuing professional development and commitment to current knowledge in the field of surgery.

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