SURGERY 7054HO - Surgical Science Theory and Principles I

Teaching Hospitals - Semester 1 - 2015

The course will provide students' with a theoretical and practical understanding of the history of surgery and the integration of surgery and science. This course addresses a range of topics and technologies to consolidate and deepen the student's knowledge of the relevant anatomy, pathophysiology and internal medicine as related to surgery. It will provide an introduction to a more scientific approach to the study of surgery from a clinical, developmental and evolutionary perspective. It will focus on the physiological changes and the immunological ramifications of surgery; and the course will also look at the issues surrounding tumour biology and genetics and the appropriate use of surgical techniques in its management. The course will use specific surgical cases as a method of demonstrating these principles. At the end of the course students will have a sound theoretical basis for the performance, purpose and implications of surgery. A mix of lectures and tutorials will be provided for the students to discuss and develop a significant knowledge base.

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