SURGERY 7055HO - Surgical Science Theory and Principles II

Teaching Hospitals - Semester 2 - 2015

The course will follow from Surgical Science -Theory and Principles I and will further address key issues in the application of surgery. It will provide teaching on the implications and causes for surgery including wound care and healing, infection control and pain. It will present the current cellular and molecular knowledge for common diseases including how this knowledge has impacted on diagnosis and current treatment options. The course will also provide an overview of radiological imaging in the surgical patient and the use of simulation in surgical training. Finally the course will investigate the current innovations in surgery, including robotic and laparoscopic surgery and their principles and practice. The course will use specific surgical cases as a method of teaching and analysis. The mix of lectures and tutorials will provide opportunities for students to familiarise themselves with new technology as well as opportunities to discuss and develop a significant knowledge base.

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