INTBUS 7505 - Research Project in International Business (M)

North Terrace Campus - Trimester 1 - 2016

The course information on this page is being finalised for 2016. Please check again before classes commence.

This course which is a special project in International Business provides graduate students with the opportunity to undertake a supervised structured reading and research project on an approved topic. Special projects will be undertaken depending on the availability of appropriate staff expertise. Special projects may also be organised by the Discipline to include the opportunity to travel individually through the Study Abroad Program or Internship Program to another country and conduct various case studies of individual business. As well as being of interest to those attending to work internationally, the course of study will be appropriate for students intending to work in big business as well as smaller entrepreneurial enterprises. The broad content themes include understanding why business may choose to internationalise their activities; what selection criteria might be used to evaluate various overseas market locations; and what entry mode choices are likely to best suit the business given its age, size, nature of its business offering and organisational structure. Topics will need to be approved by the Discipline Leader. This inter-disciplinary course is taught collaboratively, using case study, supervised reading and country risk analyses. The course thereby provides students with the opportunity to develop skills in comparative analysis, and focuses on the firm's internal and external contexts as a functional of its cross border activities.

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