MINING 7112 - Advanced Mine Geotechnical Engineering

North Terrace Campus - Semester 2 - 2015

Advanced Mine Geotechnical Engineering: advanced data collection and analysis, field work, structural domains, rock mass domains; design methodology in rock engineering, risk based design, design sectors and design outputs; identifying strategic issues; open pit mine analysis, underground mine analysis; seismic monitoring; ambiguity and uncertainty in geotechnical engineering, decision making skills; technical findings and communication of complex work, practical experience and in-depth skills in mine geotechnical engineering; workplace skills. The course gives students broad knowledge in mine geotechnical engineering and helps to develop workplace skills. The course provides hands-on practical experience in working as a geotechnical engineer for actual open pit and underground mines which includes onsite geotechnical mapping and data collection, data analysis, seismic monitoring, tackling complex geotechnical problems, dealing with ambiguity and uncertainty when working on a geotechnical engineering problem; expert lectures on special topics in advanced mine geotechnical engineering, training and application of software widely used in mining industry and consulting; developing workplace skills such as establishing critical information and conveying technical competee, communication of complex work, giving peer review, understanding team dynamics and working in a team, giving feedback and negotiating.

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