MGRE 3211 - Homer's Odyssey: Wanderings & Divine Interventions

Flinders University - Semester 1 - 2021

Please note that Modern Greek is taught by Flinders University staff as part of an arrangement between the two Universities. Classes are held at the University of Adelaide North Terrace Campus. For detailed information on this course, please visit, select 'MGRE' in the drop down menu and find the course by title. This topic examines Homer's epic poem The Odyssey. Through a variety of written and audio visual resources the epic genre will be examined, as well as the life and works of Homer. A number of themes will be explored, including some of the main characters (mortal and divine) in the work, notions of journey home, and the religious, social and political life of the Ancient Greek World. Elements of the Odyssey will be traced from ancient to contemporary contexts, through different literary texts and the visual arts.

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