INTBUS 7016 - Managing People Across Borders (M)

North Terrace Campus - Quadmester 4 - 2015

This course prepares graduate students for understanding the critical role that human resource plays in an organisation operating internationally as well as key variations of business across countries such as policy and corporate governance systems. Students will analyse the origins of differences in human resource management practices and the pertinent challenges for managing business across borders, for instance in business negotiations or expatriates' management. The broad content themes include management issues for business enterprises which spread across national boundaries. Topics include organisational architecture; recruitment, selection, performance evaluation and remuneration; managerial training, leadership development; industrial relations; management style; cultural relations; legal aspects; trading patterns and technology. This inter-disciplinary course is taught collaboratively, using team-based learning, case study and country risk analyses. The course thereby provides students with the opportunity to develop skills in comparative analysis, and focuses on the firm's internal context.

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