INTBUS 7016 - Managing Multinational Corporations

North Terrace Campus - Quadmester 4 - 2016

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The principal objective of this course is to prepare graduate students to better understand the complexity of entering foreign markets through equity-based entry modes and to effectively manage the international operations of multinational corporations (MNCs). The course will present a unified framework based on which we will discuss the various strategic issues confronting MNCs when entering international markets, and sets out to sensitize graduate students to the considerable challenges as well as valuable opportunities managers of MNCs face when internationalizing their business operations. The course will specifically focus on the strategic, financial and global issues in conducting international mergers and acquisitions (M&As) and addresses the practical and managerial opportunities and challenges of these global transactions. We will discuss the reasons why international M&As take place, different types of M&As and strategic alternatives, the regulatory, legal and global environment of these transactions and the increasing role of private equity and sovereign wealth funds. Based on a cross-disciplinary approach combining the different functional perspectives needed to successfully manage the complex M&A implementation process, the courses discusses pre-M&A, closing and post-M&A issues including target search, due diligence, valuation, negotiation, deal structuring, and integration with specific emphasis on the organizational and national cultural integration within an overall framework of strategic value creation for multinational corporations conducting international M&As.

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