CHIN 5003 - Research Method and Writing

North Terrace Campus - Semester 1 - 2017

This course is a compulsory core unit in the Masters of Translation and Transcultural Communication program. Research Method and Writing is designed to ensure that you will develop your skills in conducting and writing research in English by investigating a chosen topic of your own specific interest in the area of Chinese cultural and social studies. Topics covered in the course address the following skills, both theoretically and practically: transcultural approaches to education, reflective learning, critical reading, structuring deductive logic, conducting and presenting research in a Western context, and writing argument-based research. As students enrolled in this course, in order to promote your skills development you are required to engage actively in workshop activities, as well as to complete all out-of-class tasks and worksheets as fully and creatively as you can. Each student will advance their previous understanding of the expectations of research writing and will complete a research project (6,000 words) on a topic agreed by the lecturer.

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