MEDIC ST 6021BHO - Surgery SCAP VI Part 2

Teaching Hospitals - Semester 2 - 2015

A SCAP is a Specialist/Community or Ambulatory Placement. Each SCAP is 4 weeks in duration. Students must do a SCAP in Medicine, Primary Care, Psychiatry and Surgery. Students must take at least one rural-based SCAP (with the exemption of International students who are not required to do a rural placement). Note 1: Students that have already fulfilled their 4 weeks rural total (Commonwealth requirement before graduation) may wish to apply for a rural SCAP exemption. SCAP selection is from a pre-determined list of available SCAPs. Individual "once-off/self-created" SCAPs may be negotiated (interstate/overseas) for student's Medicine, Surgery, Primary Care OR Psychiatry SCAP. Only ONE self-created SCAP may be created in Year 6. The self-created SCAP must be approved by the relevant Discipline before it can be accepted. Note 2: Some students may be required to complete a directed elective in place of their Medicine or Surgery SCAP, based on decisions made at the Year 5 Board of Examiners.

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