SCIENCE 2300 - Principles & Practice of Research (Advanced) II

North Terrace Campus - Semester 1 - 2014

Science 2300 is intended to expose students to the university research environment and familiarise them with the practice of research, including the experimental and theoretical paradigms of specific scientific disciplines. The course builds on the principles of scientific research introduced in Science 1100. Students will be immersed into contemporary programs of research through engagement with a number of different academic researchers, each of whom will present a current problem or project from their own research. Students will read and analyse current scientific literature, and will develop insights into the practise of scientific investigation though tutorials and written critical reviews. In addition, students will choose an academic mentor, who will supervise the exploration of a specific scientific research topic. Through a series of individual mentor meetings, students will develop a talk on their research subject, to be delivered at an end-of-semester symposium. These engaging 'research attachments' enhance a student's understanding of scientific methods and critical thinking. Students will emerge with a clearer understanding of the roles various people play in scientific discovery and some of the career paths a degree in science can make possible.

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