PLANNING 7032 - Urbanism: Critique, Policy, Practice

North Terrace Campus - Semester 1 - 2014

This course undertakes a critical exploration of urbanisation, helping students to understand and critique urban environments. The course is vitally concerned with how people live in urban environments, interrogating urban development policy and the way it affects built outcomes. The impacts of principles of urban design are examined. Scales ranging from individual building and street level to neighbourhood and broader urban regions will be considered. `Themes' examined may include social and environmental justice, economic infrastructure and social equity. The issues addressed may include sense of place, permeability, activation, patterns of use, accessibility, legibility, function, environmental character and impact and interaction of public space with transport, amongst other concerns. The course looks to develop students' abilities to link an informed intellectual overview of urban histories to current opportunities and constraints regarding the initiation of well-articulated and effective change to urban environments.

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