PHYSICS 7565B - M. Philosophy Physics Part B

North Terrace Campus - Semester 2 - 2014

This course covers a range of advanced topics in physics, the methods of presentation and assessment of which vary according to module. Students enrolled in this course select three of the following modules (and not already undertaken as part of the course PHYSICS 7565A `M. Philosophy Physics A') : Advanced Astrophysics, Advanced Atmospheric Physics, Electrodynamics, Fourier Techniques and Applications, Gauge Field Theories, General Relativity, Non-Linear Optics, Nuclear And Radiation Physics, Quantum Field Theory and Relativistic Quantum Mechanics & Particle Physics. Students may be given permission by the Postgraduate Coordinator to substitute equivalent modules offered within the Faculty of Sciences and the Faculty of Faculty of Engineering, Computer & Mathematical Sciences. Students should consult the Postgraduate Coordinator regarding the selection of modules.

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