POLIS 2113 - Chinese Economy, Politics and Business

North Terrace Campus - Semester 2 - 2016

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China?s economic and geopolitical rise is arguably the most significant phenomenon defining the early 21st century. But what is `China?? The media and academia often portray China as a unitary actor, a `black box? or `China, Inc.? which `does?, `says? or `demands? something. In reality though, this monolith hides enormously complex and fascinating domestic political, economic and social processes, which interplay influences economies and societies of not only Australasia, but also more distant Americas and Africa. Chinese Economy, Politics and Business will reveal these diverse patterns of political and economic development, competing state agencies, problems of cross-department coordination, mismatch between central and local policies and the relevance of all of these for the wider world. It will do so by examining China?s contemporary economic and political system, as well as its business environment. More specifically, Chinese Economy and Politics will clarify the Chinese governmental structure and identify key domestic actors competing for political and economic power in China. It will discuss the political and economic reforms and their effectiveness in addressing the growing middle class?s demands for greater political participation, well-paid jobs, affordable housing, safe food, clean air and water. It will also consider the Chinese government?s capacity to tackle major problems facing contemporary China, including the middle-income trap and persistent regional economic disparities. Furthermore, Chinese Economy and Politics will discuss the politics of doing business in China and the extent to which Hong Kong, Taiwan and the West contribute to China?s economic growth. The course will end by evaluating Beijing?s diplomatic strategies in the context of its developmental agenda.

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