PHYSICS 7560 - Radioactivity, Radiation Detection & Dosimetry

North Terrace Campus - Semester 1 - 2023

This course is the first in the Graduate Certificate of Radiation Management and aims to provide an overall understanding of the basic properties of radiation physics. Consisting of 12 topics delivered via 2-weekly online lectures, students will begin learning the fundamental characteristics of radioactivity, including atom structure and properties of energy transfer. This theory is then propelled into real-world applications of radiation use and radiation detection, and finally students will gain foundational insight into dosimetry concepts of ionising radiation. Students will solidify their theory-based learning by engaging in an on-campus, intensive-week of lab practicals held at the end of Semester. Each student will complete 4 x 4 hour practical components aimed at exposing students to both career-level techniques as well as unique specialist equipment.

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