PUB HLTH 7160A - Master of Research Studies Dissertation - Part A

North Terrace Campus - Semester 2 - 2014

The M Res St Dissertation provides an opportunity for the student, under supervision from an experienced researcher, to design and execute a research project in an area of public health. M Res St Dissertation - Part A is usually undertaken in the third semester of the program, concurrently with coursework, and is equivalent to 6 units, or half of a full-time student workload; a research proposal must be approved prior to enrolment. M Res St Dissertation - Part B will be taken in the following semester, usually the fourth/final semester of the program and is equivalent to 12 units, being a full-time student workload . Following preparatory work and the research, the student will prepare a dissertation (conventional written narrative, publication, or a combination of conventional and publication formats) embodying the results of original investigation.

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