MGRE 2213 - Philosophy, Love & Religion:The Alexandrian Story

Flinders University - Semester 2 - 2016

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This topic explores the fundamental significance of Alexandria in the establishment of Western Culture and civilisation. The areas covered are: - History: The establishment of a new universalistic City, Alexandria; the creation of the famous Alexandrian Library and the development of sciences, philosophy, etc, where Greek, Egyptian, Hebrew and Roman cultures interact - Septuagint (translation of the Old Testament into Greek) and the catalytic impact on European-Western Cultures - Neo-Platonism (philosophical movement based on Plato's Timaeus) and the overwhelming impact on European-Western Cultures including arts, philosophy, literature and the development of Christianity - The rise of Christianity: e.g., Apocalypse, monastic movements - Literature: Poems by the Alexandrian poet, C. Cavafy, which "expose" subjects emerging from the cultural making of the Hellenistic and Roman period of Alexandria

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