COMMGMT 7086 - Fundamentals of Leadership (M)

North Terrace Campus - Trimester 2 - 2015

Upon completion, students will possess an understanding of the development of management thought and practice, providing a background against which new trends in management can be viewed. They will be able to identify and discuss the major challenges facing management in today's environment, and, with heightened self-awareness, develop the understanding and communication skills required to effectively lead and manage a diverse workforce. To achieve success in today's competitive environment it is essential to develop the ability to interact positively with others, whether they be employees, employers, colleagues, customers or suppliers. Strong interpersonal skills are also required if students are to maximise the benefits from their management studies. This course encourages students to explore issues and develop personal skills central to leadership. By exploring self-awareness, students will be well placed to broaden their understanding of others. Topics include written and oral communication skills, team skills, conflict management and stress management.

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