C&ENVENG 4114 - Advanced Hydrological Modelling & Water Resource Management

North Terrace Campus - Winter - 2015

The course will cover advanced techniques for hydrological modelling, including stochastic modelling of rainfall and runoff processes and catchment modelling of hydrological processes. The stochastic modelling component will focus on single and multi-site time series models for rainfall and/or runoff. The catchment modelling component will include the development and application of lumped through to semi-distributed/distributed approaches. For both components, students will develop their skills on model development, calibration and evaluation. A focus of the course will be the use of Bayesian approaches for model calibration and prediction, including techniques for estimating the various sources of predictive uncertainty. These techniques will be applied in water resource management context, utilising case studies from drought/flood risk assessment and hydrological forecasting to illustrate the practical value of the approaches.

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