PETROGEO 7012 - Petroleum Resource Evaluation

North Terrace Campus - Semester 1 - 2020

PETROGEO 7012 brings together disciplines of geology, geophysics, reservoir engineering and decision-making to provide an integrated approach to evaluating oil and gas fields. The course comprises 5 modules: i) Reservoirs, Seals and Pay demonstrates how basic geological and engineering data can be used to evaluate reservoir rock quality, fluid saturations and contact depths, transition zone thickness and seal capacity; ii) Geostatistics provides a probabilistic approach to modelling the subsurface; iii) Intro to Reservoir Engineering presents an overview of reservoir engineering basics, including description of rock and fluid properties. The explanation of primary production mechanisms and application of Darcy's law are also introduced. iv) Intro to Decision-Making is based around the premise that all significant decisions in the oil & gas industry are made under conditions of uncertainty. Industry-standard concepts and tools (including practical exercises) are introduced to help understand making decisions under uncertainty. v) Focus on Unconventional Resources will examine the geologic nature, global distribution and economics of unconventional hydrocarbon resources including shale gas and oil, coal seam gas and tight gas. It will also discuss the geomechanics of unconventional reservoirs and appropriate production technologies.

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