WINE 7006 - Wine Retail, Cellar Door and Food Tourism (M)

North Terrace Campus - Trimester 2 - 2015

This course is combines two of the most important aspects of wine retailing in a local environment. Firstly, it explores the basics of tourism and the structure of the tourism industry with a specific focus on wine tourism and wine and food festivals within this broader context. It also concentrates on how wine tourism is used as a strong vehicle to build a brand image for the wine(ry) business and/or a wine region. Specific concentration areas include visitor (consumer) behaviour, the role of the cellar-door in wine marketing/distribution, the functions of wine routes/roads, wine region brand building, and wine and/or food festival event fundamentals. Secondly, the course focuses on the principles of establishing and managing a retail concern outside a cellar door context. It will expose the student to the theoretical and practical aspects of selling and retail practices. Areas of concentration are the basics of retail and wholesale operations and negotiation skills. The course is specifically oriented to show how both approaches to retailing wine to consumers can be complimentary and underpins a strong wine retailing strategy. The course, will involve some fieldwork and practical case studies.

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