COMMERCE 4100 - Qualitative Methods (H)

North Terrace Campus - Semester 1 - 2015

This course is designed for students to fulfil the following learning objectives; Understanding the characteristics, roles and importance of qualitative research; Achieve a working familiarity with a range of qualitative methods; Acquire skills in qualitative data collection and analysis methods, including use of NVivo; Develop the ability to select, justify and execute qualitative methods appropriate to central research questions. Topics covered in this course may include: Qualitative research features and approaches; Theoretical traditions in qualitative research; The interface between qualitative and quantitative research; Qualitative data collection; Qualitative data analysis; The theory and application of a range of qualitative methodologies which may include components such as field based case study, interview methods, historical method, ethnography, grounded theory, action research and hermeneutical method.

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