DEVT 3003 - Rights and Development

North Terrace Campus - Winter - 2016

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This course is about human rights and international development, and about how these two parts of the international system increasingly intersect in a number of different ways. This intersection is an outcome, on the one hand, of the fact that human rights instruments, and the institutions which enforce these, have greatly expanded in recent decades, to now engage with a much wider range of (especially) social issues. On the other hand, `rights-based approaches? to international development have become increasingly influential in development policy circles over the past twenty years ? and they now inform much of the work of many official and non-government development organisations (including UN agencies and key bilateral donors such as DFID and AusAID). This course provides an introduction both to human rights, especially as these apply to questions of social change, and to rights-based approaches to international development. Through a series of empirically-rich case studies taken from across the developing world, we look at the approaches of both of these areas, and examine debates surrounding them. In this way, the course addresses key questions such as: What are human rights, how can these be applied, and what effects do they produce in practice? What are the main features of rights-based approaches to international development and how do these differ from other approaches? How are rights-based approaches received (and perceived) by their target audiences? What are the limits of human rights; how, when and why might they not be applicable? In attempting to answer these and related questions, the course looks at a range of literatures, but focuses in particular upon the contributions made by the anthropology of human rights and international development.

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