ARTH 3000 - Northern Renaissance Art and Visual Culture III

North Terrace Campus - Semester 2 - 2017

This course examines Renaissance art and visual culture outside of Italy in Northern Europe, notably the 'Low Countries' and Germany in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Northern Renaissance artists such as Jan van Eyck, Albrecht Durer, Hans Holbein the Younger, and Lucas Cranach the Elder not only innovated in materials and techniques from oil painting to printmaking, but also devised novel approaches to religious themes, portraiture, and the representation of the nude body. They made a unique contribution to the classical ideal and humanist discourse that framed the Italian Renaissance. The course empowers students with fundamental skills for interpreting the material richness and visual complexity of diverse images and objects made and consumed within the dynamic social, political, economic, and religious contexts of the Northern Renaissance centred on the rise of mercantile mobility, cultural exchange with Italy, and image wars of the Protestant Reformation.

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