CHIN 5011 - Business and Legal Translation

North Terrace Campus - Semester 2 - 2018

This course provides students with an insight into the needs of professional translation in a globalised world where individuals, businesses, institutions, government and non-government agencies and organisations require quality translation work between Chinese and English. Covering fields of translation that are particularly in demand, this course aims to equip students with the competencies and skills necessary to enhance their career opportunities. It lays down a solid foundation upon which the students will be able to continuously build up their bilingual and bicultural competence in business and legal contexts. This course will enable students to read and translate a varied range of business and legal texts including advertising, business correspondence, MOUs, contracts and legal texts, to enhance understanding of cultural and ethical issues in relation to business and legal translation, to tackle complexities of translation and cultural transmission systematically and creatively and to justify and explain their translation decisions to both specialised and non-specialised audiences.

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