MUSJAZZ 3101 - Jazz Musicianship 3

North Terrace Campus - Semester 2 - 2016

The course information on this page is being finalised for 2016. Please check again before classes commence.

Jazz Musicianship 3 will continue to build on the theoretical and practical skills developed in Jazz Musicianship 2A and 2B. Students will explore melodic, rhythmic and harmonic features of advanced jazz standards and contemporary jazz tunes through study of relevant texts, audio and video files, musical scores and transcribed solos. Students will apply their knowledge through technical exercises which feature advanced chord progressions (including alternate II-V-I?s and Coltrane progressions and their variants) extended and altered chords, various scale types (including pentatonics and altered pentatonics), various intervallic patterns (such as 3rds and 4ths) and upper structure triads. There will be a continued focus on the development of the student?s rhythmic awareness and rhythmic security through the playing of stylistically appropriate rhythm patterns and exercises. with a particular focus on controlling rhythmic subdivisions. Odd time signatures will be explored using Ari Hoenig?s concept of `core rhythms? while metric modulations will be practiced using Jon Riley?s approaches. Free Jazz concepts will be explored, with a particular focus on the early FreeBop approach utilised by Ornette Coleman. Students will be encouraged to compose music in many of the styles and approaches discussed in class.

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