MUSCOMP 3101 - Music Analysis 3

North Terrace Campus - Semester 2 - 2018

Music Analysis 3 is designed primarily with the needs of composers in mind, and is a requirement for students majoring in musical composition. It is also available as a BMus elective and covers concepts that are relevant to performers (in the classical and jazz traditions), musicologists and others. At Level 3 the focus is on post-tonal, non-tonal and atonal music, together with the analytical methods that can assist an understanding of how such music operates. Each two-hour session will be divided with the first hour consisting of lecture-style explanation of techniques and methods, and the second hour devoted to student-centred analytical exercises on pieces drawn from the classical (twentieth century) repertory. The overall approach is empirical (in that it takes key works from the repertoire as the primary material and points of departure) rather than theoretical (as a defence of any particular theory or analytical method).

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