DEVT 3005 - Aid Policy and Administration

North Terrace Campus - Semester 2 - 2017

This capstone course for the major in International Development examines issues related to aid effectiveness, a concern at the heart of the contemporary international development policy agenda. It begins by examining the debate over whether aid has been effective both at the micro-level (i.e. in terms of aid project and program objectives) and at the macro-level (i.e. in terms of promoting economic growth and human development in developing countries) in recent decades. It then moves on to a discussion of the factors that shape aid effectiveness, focusing on both contextual political economy factors and factors related to the ways in which donors deliver and administer aid. In respect of the latter, the course will examine how the structure of the international aid architecture and different aid modalities shape aid effectiveness. The course will draw extensively on case study material from donor practice.

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