HLTH SC 1005 - Principles of Human Health and Disease

North Terrace Campus - Semester 2 - 2016

The course information on this page is being finalised for 2016. Please check again before classes commence.

The theory will be presented in lectures clustered into six themes. Each fortnightly theme is designed to start with a case-study description of human clinical symptoms, as a starting point for building an integrated view of the relevant anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and pathology foundations. Lectures are supported by fortnightly in-class review sessions (`lectorials') and weekly on-line tutorials and workshops. Further exploration of concepts is supported by recommended readings and selfpaced on-line formative study guide exercises. Assessed on-line tutorials promote regular revision of main concepts throughout the semester, and the development of problem-solving skills. Two special guest lectures "Ask An Expert" at the end of term will feature invited world-class research scientists in Adelaide who will speak to the students at a lay person's level about cutting-edge research relevant to a lecture theme, and answer questions.

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