MUSGEN 7300 - Music Internship (PGCW)

North Terrace Campus - Semester 1 - 2020

This course will allow students to select an activity that complements their major study. It will comprise activities that enhance specialist knowledge of music performance and/or pedagogy, and understanding of ethical practices, and contribute to professional growth to an advanced level that will assist with entry to the profession. As a central part of this course, students will have the opportunity to spend time as 'interns' working within specified areas of either the private or public sector in South Australia, while completing an agreed performance, pedagogical, creative or research based task. The timeframe for these internships will range from several weeks to a complete semester. Students will be allocated placements selected from among a range of offerings within the Adelaide professional music world. Final placement will depend upon the availability of a host organisation (selected from a list provided by the Conservatorium), the application of an internal quota, and the assessment of a formal application taking into consideration overall academic merit as well as relevant skills, knowledge and experience required for the specific internship. In order to complete the process of placement allocation and enrolment, students should first submit their application to the Conservatorium for a place in the Music Internship by October 31st of the previous year (1st semester application), or by 30 April in the year of enrolment (2nd semester application). Successful applicants will be advised of their placement before the beginning of the relevant academic year and then will be able to enrol in the course.

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