INTBUS 3600 - International Study Tour

North Terrace Campus - Winter - 2023

This course is an intensive overseas study tour, with up to 80 contact hours expected as part of this course. The Study Tour will involve visiting an overseas partner-institution for a short two-three week program involving academic seminars, group work, industry and government visits and cultural activities. This course is designed to enhance the students' knowledge and appreciation for business methods and models across cultures through immersion in a foreign country and participation in foreign classrooms with face-to-face teaching from academics in partner universities. The course will cover all aspects of the business environment ranging from its economy, business culture and ethics, leadership principles, international business patterns and entrepreneurship. This will be presented to students through seminar classes with specialists in each academic area and reinforced with site visits. Compulsory preparatory and pre-departure seminars form part of this course and assessment takes the form of participation, group work, presentations, assignments, case studies and a final exam. Students should expect a commitment of 156 hours

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