ARTS 2002 - Complex Problem Solving

North Terrace Campus - Semester 1 - 2019

In this course, students work in interdisciplinary teams to solve problems that are set by the component departments and disciplines of the Faculty of Arts. In terms of content, the problems are disciplinary specific (i.e. they focus on a problem drawn from anthropology, art history, classics, English, history, philosophy, political science etc.). Some of the problems may be set by external partners such as government agencies, businesses, charities and so forth. In order to solve the problems, students are required draw on a range of interdisciplinary skills, including numeracy, digital literacy, critical thinking, and presentation skills in oral, written and media formats. The main focus of the course is providing students with the skills that they need to solve the problem. The course gives students a great deal of autonomy. Students choose to work on the problem that is most interesting to them. Each team has the freedom to find its own way of solving the problem and presenting the solution. The skills that students learn in this course will be invaluable to them, no matter what their degree or intended career. Above all, the course will give students hands-on experience of problem-based, self-directed learning.

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