ARTS 2002 - Complex Problem Solving

North Terrace Campus - Semester 1 - 2020

In a world defined by complexity, uncertainty, and an abundance of information, possessing effective problem-solving techniques can make the difference between mastery of situations, or being overwhelmed by them. Complex Problem Solving aims to equip students with practical and broadly applicable thinking skills. It will enhance students? awareness, analytical ability, and capacity to adapt to new challenges. This course is designed to enable you to identify and comprehend complex problems and gain familiarity with a suite of practical problem-solving techniques. At the completion of the course you will be able to employ lateral and critical thinking skills to decide: what is the problem, how can I effectively address it, what techniques would I use, and How will I know if I have successfully addressed the problem? This course is drawn from research across several disciplines, including philosophy, logic, operations research, behavioural economics, psychology, and neuroscience. By integrating a combination of techniques from these fields, this course recognises that there are several ways to identify, understand, and address complex problems. All too frequently the solution to a complex problem is only as good as the techniques that were employed to develop it, so being a confident and competent problem solver is very important. In order to promote competence and confidence, this course employs a combination of explanations, examples, and opportunities to put concepts into practice, with both team activities and individual tasks to encourage reflection

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