MUSSUPST 2000 - Music Advanced Minor Project

North Terrace Campus - Semester 1 - 2020

This course is unique to the Bachelor of Music (Advanced) program. As such, it is (a) a required course for all Bachelor of Music (Advanced) students and (b) is available only to students in the Bachelor of Music (Advanced) program. This course provides students with the opportunity to pursue an individually tailored unit of specialised study in either the performance, creative or research domains. In consultation with both the Course Co-ordinator and the Head of Studies responsible for the student's particular area of specialisation within either the Performance, Creative Arts or Research Majors, students will create and develop a project proposal for an individually tailored unit of specialised study that is directly related to, and which extends the scope of, their studies in their area of specialisation. With approval from the Course Co-ordinator, students may be able to pursue an interdisciplinary project across two or three of these domains. Students will pursue their projects through a combination of (a) periodic individual consultation with the Course Co-ordinator and/or the relevant Head of Studies, and (b) a mutually agreed structured program of private study and research. Students will also participate in a weekly seminar to present and discuss the progress of their projects and related issues.

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