GEOG 7026A - Dissertation Env Pol & Mgt (Applied) Part 1

North Terrace Campus - Semester 2 - 2019

The Major Dissertation Environmental Policy & Management (Applied) Pt 1 & 2, involves the undertaking of a full-year (Semester 1 and 2) research project and the submission by the due date of a dissertation on the project of approximately 20-24000 words, with an accompanying seminar. The Dissertation Environmental Policy & Management (Applied) T/Y will have two years (four consecutive Semesters) to complete the dissertation and seminar. Students are asked to nominate the topic area for their research project and to identify potential dissertation supervisors. Students may consult anyone who has expertise or information relevant to their research projects, but there is no provision for external supervision at the Masters level. The exact topic for the research project is normally decided through consultation between the student and the dissertation supervisor, but is subject to approval by the Masters Co-ordinator. A suitable member of staff, with whom the student should meet regularly, supervises the dissertation.

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