LING 7009 - Directed Study in Linguistics

North Terrace Campus - Semester 1 - 2019

Directed Study in Linguistics provides the opportunity for students to undertake a specific project in the coursework component of their postgraduate studies. This may be an individual project which is supervised one-to-one by a Linguistics staff member. The specific study is discussed with a staff member and the staff member offers guidance and support as the project develops. Meetings between the student and the staff member are periodic and at the request of the student or the staff member. The staff member may set semester milestones and timelines for the student to meet as part of the course. In another scenario the student may engage with the course content of the undergraduate Linguistics capstone course, whilst enrolled in the Directed Study in Linguistics course. The course coordinator will accept the student as auditing the course and the supervisor of the student will adjust the assignment tasks to meet postgraduate expectations. A Linguistics staff member will take responsibility for the assessment component of the course.

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