CEME 4009 - Decision Making for Sustainable Solutions

North Terrace Campus - Semester 2 - 2022

This is the capstone course for students in the BE (Hons) (Environmental & Climate Solutions) program and students taking the Water & Environmental major in the BE (Hons) (Civil) program. It will utilise and build on a range of the technical and professional expertise students have acquired during their degree program in the context of a public inquiry into a complex water resources issue. This will provide students with the opportunity to explore a range of factors affecting decision-making in water and environmental engineering that need to be considered in order to achieve sustainable outcomes. These include the need to understand different perspectives on an issue, the need for trade-offs and compromise between competing objectives, the importance of communication, research, critical thinking and negotiation skills, the importance of using appropriate evidence to support arguments and the importance of acting ethically and professionally.

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