GEOLOGY 1005 - Earth Inside Out

North Terrace Campus - Quadmester 4 - 2018

Volcanoes; the only earth process not trying to kill Australians. Why is that we have no active volcanoes? Will that always be the case? Why does Australia have earthquakes? Could we have a 10.0 magnitude quake? As Will Durant said "Civilisation exists by geological consent, subject to change without notice". Enrol in 'Earth Inside Out' to find answers to these questions. We'll play games of stones, where you?ll learn to classify every mineral and rock you?re bound to see in your life. Field trips will take us to the coast to see rocks in their natural habitat, you?ll learn how to read history from the Earth, and enjoy the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to the real world. Successful completion of this course will allow you to continue with Level II geology courses, if you desire.

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