MECH ENG 7077 - Submarine Naval Architecture Maritime Engineering

North Terrace Campus - Semester 1 - 2019

The course will enable students to have a deep understanding of submarine naval architecture from an overall perspective. The naval architect is a technical leader making engineering decisions in the design, manufacture and testing a submarine. He can also be in charge of the overall arrangements (3D CAD) of the submarine and is at the nexus of all the submarine systems to ensure a design optimum at the whole-of-boat level. This compels to have a holistic view, encompassing all the boat functionalities to be able to make educated decisions across domains and submarine systems led by separate experts. To perform this role, a naval architect will focus on hydrodynamics and stability, structural design, but also energy propulsion systems and, always, safety considerations. As submarines are specific military assets, this course will also explore stealth (undetectability) with acoustic and electromagnetic signatures in details. Classification society rules will be explained in that specific context. As a consequence, this course will empower the student with an ability to comprehend the whole technical aspects that a naval architect would need towards the highest levels of Engineering Authority for submarines. The course is based on worldwide leading submarine design houses' philosophies and as such, is unique not only in Australia but also at a world class level.

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