MECH ENG 7078 - Shipbuilding Programs for Industry and Defence Managers

North Terrace Campus - Semester 2 - 2022

The course will enable students to have a deep understanding of defence shipbuilding program managements from an overall perspective, providing a unique awareness for making educated advice or decision. Targeted audience is strategy decision makers or implementers for shipbuilding programs. With a strong focus on industry and defence considerations, this course will set the scene in terms of geostrategy for shipbuilding in the 21st century. Focusing on lessons learnt form the past as a lodestone, the course will analyse current shipbuilding programs being implemented worldwide, as well as future projections in that space up to the end of the century. Considerations, ranging from design to asset management, will draw the students' attention on the intermediate steps such as industrialisation, procurement, shipyard facilities, workforce capability challenges, testing and commissioning, then asset management. Industry 4.0 and virtual shipyard/digital twin will explore the future of shipbuilding. Legal, risks, IP and insurance aspects will be dealt with. The course is based on worldwide shipbuilding programs and as such, is unique not only in Australia but also at a world class level.

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