ELEC ENG 7070EX - Digital Security Estonia Study Tour - PG

External - Winter - 2020

A full time intensive study tour, 15-18 days in duration (including weekends) to be held in late June-early July in Tallinn, Estonia, and related locations for research students. This course develops super-disciplinary research skills related to cyber security topics through immersion in the digital society of Estonia, a post-soviet powerhouse in digital government and operational cyber security. Students have the opportunity to participate in active cyber security exercises of opportunity, visit and meet with senior government officials and leading cyber security research and development teams in the private sector, and develop written and oral research communication skills. The course consists of: - Immersion in the digital society of Estonia, visiting a number of historical and showcase exhibits to illustrate the evolution from a soviet republic to a leading e-Society with a strong cyber security sector - Meetings with leading government officials, the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, and private sector businesses, with a focus on cyber security at a nation-state level, and emphasis on hybrid warfare countermeasures - Participation in the Interdisciplinary Cyber Research (ICR)* student papers workshop, including a requirement to submit a competently written extended abstract, and if selected, to present that research at the workshop. - Participation in the annual Cyber Security Summer School*, organised by partner universities - Tallinn University of Technology and Tartu University * or equivalent event if these are not offered in any given year.

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