MUSTHEAT 2006 - Music Theatre Production 2B

North Terrace Campus - Semester 2 - 2021

Song Repertoire 2B: This class will continue the study of music theatre through song analysis, acting the song, repertoire exploration, class exercises for the body and the voice, as well as an initial look at both classic and contemporary music theatre style, with an overall emphasis on performance. Semester 2 will focus on repertoire from 1990 ? 2020: The birth of the corporate musical through the emergence of film to stage. Ensemble Singing 2B: A combined singing class for all music theatre students focussing on part singing techniques, creating an ensemble sound, speed and accuracy in learning. The class will focus on music theatre repertoire. Major Production-Musical: This project involves the creation of a fully staged musical from contemporary or Australian repertoire. Students will audition and be cast to fill all roles as well as fulfilling a role in one backstage activity.

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