CHEM ENG 7060 - Principles of Biopharmaceutical Engineering

North Terrace Campus - Semester 2 - 2021

The objective of the course will be to introduce fundamental and technological principles applied in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. It covers the topics of recombinant DNA technology and its application in therapeutic protein production; protein engineering of understanding of protein folding and recognition for protein design principles; mass and energy balance in biological systems; fermentation kinetics and stoichiometry for growth and product formation; principles of bioprocess scale-up and technology transfer. In the end of the course, students will be able to 1) Understand the method by which living cells are engineered to produce complex therapeutic proteins; 2) Explore the way in which reactors are designed to support the growth of living cells that produce a target therapeutic; 3) Learn how protein therapeutics are purified and how previous manufacturing steps inform how this is performed.

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