ELEC ENG 4080 - Mobile Phone Forensic Process and Analysis

North Terrace Campus - Summer - 2021

This immersive course introduces students to the principles of Chain of Evidence and the process of forensic analysis, by considering mobile phone devices from the point of discovery/seizure through triage and securement at the crime scene, unlocking, imaging, analysis and preparation of an expert witness report and affidavit suitable for presentation in South Australian criminal courts. The technical characteristics of mobile phone devices and inherent logs, databases, files and other records will be introduced. Students will also be introduced to the principles of mobile phone networks and network records, and the interpretation of Call Data Records and other data available from Mobile Network Carriage Service Providers. Students will use appropriate licensed data analysis tools to investigate phone contents and network records. Students will be exposed through practice to relevant laws related to telecommunications interception, privacy and Court practice.

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