COMMGMT 7025OL - Information Risks, Threats & Controls (M)

Online - Online Teaching 3 - 2021

The course Information Risks, Threats, & Controls consider a broad perspective of organisational vulnerabilities of the digital age, including Enterprise Risk Assessment. Topics addressed include recognition, analysis, and synthesis of risks, threats, and vulnerabilities, and measures to mitigate them, including policy, control, and implementation. Risk management and assurance are critical to all aspects of all businesses and on a broad level. While this course acknowledges the need to recognise and analyse risks, threats, and vulnerabilities across and within the various disciplinary structures of an organisation, (including fiscal risk, brand and reputation, production, operations, legal, and OH&S) it does so from the perspective of the responsibility for Information and Cyber Security plans to support and ensure the risk management of other departments and disciplines. The focus, throughout, is specifically on Information & Cyber Security and Data Privacy.

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