MECH ENG 7111 - Acoustics and Vibrations PG

North Terrace Campus - Semester 2 - 2021

Acoustics and vibrations are one of the core pillars of the mechanical engineering discipline, with applications that range from civil structures, architectural and environmental systems, and all forms of mechanical systems including transport vehicles and aircraft. This course introduces the fundamental concepts of acoustics, including characterisation and quantification of sound sources, exposure to noise, and noise control, mitigation, and psychoacoustics. Vibration systems are covered in detail from lumped parameter models through to continuous and multi-degree of freedom systems. Design of vibration control devices, such as vibration isolators and vibration absorbers, is also considered. A strong emphasis is placed on frequency response characteristics for both acoustics and vibration applications, including practical exposure to spectral analysis and its application to predictive maintenance using machine condition monitoring.

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