CHEM ENG 2073 - Food Engineering

North Terrace Campus - Semester 2 - 2022

In this course students will apply the basic principles of process engineering to application in the food processing industry. Topics presented illustrate applications of process engineering during the handling, processing, storage, packaging and distribution of food products. The concepts of mass and energy balances and fluid flow are first applied to food processing. Then, thermodynamics and heat transfer are used to provide an understanding of preservation processes, refrigeration, freezing processes and evaporation processes used in concentration of liquid foods. The concept of mass transfer is introduced and applied to membrane separation processes, dehydration processes, extrusion processes and packaging. Lastly, the processes of filtration, centrifugation and mixing in the food processing industry are described. The approach used in this course is to provide practical applications of the process engineering concepts in the food processing industry, while gaining an understanding of problem solving approaches.

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