TRADE 7018 - Trade Institutions, Policies and Solutions (TIPS)

North Terrace Campus - Trimester 2 - 2022

The course Trade Institutions, Policies and Solutions consists of three intensive 1.5 day seminar modules designed to progressively interrogate the roles, interactions and challenges facing international institutions that impact on international trade, investment and development issues in the multilateral trading system, both within and beyond the World Trade Organisation. Module 1 includes exploration of WTO structures, bodies, committees and facilities, UN-related institutions (eg UNCTAD, UNEP, UNCITRAL, UNWTO), World Bank/IMF institutions and other development banks, international standard-setting bodies (eg Codex), World Customs Organisation and sectoral organisations and agencies (eg FAO, ITU), as well as major regional and some national trade and investment institutions, and significant country groupings (eg OECD, EU, ASEAN, G20). Module 2 considers contemporary policy and related developments in these bodies in trade, investment and related fields, including trade and environment, health, technology, security, development flexibilities and government supports. This leads into an analysis in Module 3 of a range of issues and formal and informal solutions and alternatives to resolve differences and inadequacies in various trade rules and guidelines and their application, and addressing possible ways to deal with the many challenges facing relevant international institutions.

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