CONMGNT 1001 - Construction Estimation and Surveying

North Terrace Campus - Semester 1 - 2021

This course will introduce students to the principles of construction estimation considering project management theory and principles as well as bidding practices in the construction industry. The course considers: first principles estimating, basic macro/micro economic principles, cost planning and management, assembling project bids, tendering, contracts and bills of quantities. Course learning outcomes include: 1. Explain contractual arrangements that may be adopted in the construction industry 2. Identify how a project scope is broken up into a series of trade packages for construction 3. Describe the basic estimation principles used in assembling a project bid 4. Estimate construction timelines and costs 5. Carry out a comparison of large-scale infrastructure projects using standard economic methods at the master plan level 6. Explain how project managers manage time and cost on projects.

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